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Whether you‘re looking for a vacation home overlooking acres of vineyards from your terraced-estate on a hill, or a full time residence with a vine’s-eye view of the Napa valley floor, this picturesque place is perfect for both entertaining and relaxation with real estate that suits a variety of tastes.

North of San Francisco, two valleys nestle side by side to form the premier wine country of California: Napa and Sonoma. The many facets of the Napa Valley region – a relaxed lifestyle, moderate Mediterranean weather, abundant natural beauty and real estate that blends with the surroundings – fascinate visitors from around the world, and residents alike.

Wine enthusiasts know Napa Valley as the place that put America on the map for fine wine production. There are no fewer than 390 wineries dotting the valley floor and hills.

The Valley is 30 miles in length, and one to five miles East to West. Four main towns nestle in the Valley. Real estate is available in the cities of Yountville, St. Helena and Calistoga, with the charming burgs of Rutherford and Oakville sprinkled in between.

At the Southern end, the River flows through the city, population 75,000. The past two decades have seen the city’s transformation with historic downtown buildings restored, new commercial and residential building, and the city once again becoming a hub for shopping, dining and entertainment.

North of the city is Yountville, which proudly calls itself the “Culinary Capital of the World.” The population of Yountville is currently 3,300 and the town is renowned for gourmet cuisine, art galleries, hot air balloon trips, luxury properties and museums and shops. It is a small, sophisticated community with neighborhoods and homes nestled behind the town. Many of the homes here are secondary vacation homes and the Realtors in the area are intricately familiar with each street.

Several miles north, the city of St. Helena embodies the style and warmth of the area. With a population of 6,000, St. Helena‘s opportunities are wrapped around the area’s wine culture and gourmet delights. St. Helena is a quaint, walking town that began attracting visitors in 1855. Surrounded by vineyards and wineries, St Helena is the home to many dramatic luxury homes.

Further north still is Calistoga, rich with cultural history and beautifully restored Victorian homes comprising a good majority of the property. Calistoga remains known for its mud baths, hot springs and casual atmosphere. While fine dining and art galleries are plentiful, Calistoga has a cozy, laid back style.