Proud Partner of the Napa Valley Give!Guide

Proud Partner of the Napa Valley Give!Guide

‘Tis the season for giving!

Along with the festive gatherings with family and friends, tree lightings, holiday parties, and gift exchange, this is also the time of year when we take a moment to count our blessings and give back to those who are less fortunate than ourselves.

Since its img_1118inception and for the fourth year in a row, Terra Firma Global Partners is proud to be a Community Partner of the Napa Valley Give!Guide which makes giving easy! In its first three years, the Napa Valley Give!Guide has raised almost $600,000 for non-profits in Napa County. Because of the Napa Valley Give!Guide‘s Community Partners, every single dollar donated through the Napa Valley Give!Guide goes directly to the chosen non-profit.

The Napa Valley Give!Guide has a great, super easy to use website as well as a printed catalog. All 43 non-profits are featured with a description of their services, in categories ranging from animal rescue to senior img_1117care to environmental causes and everything in between. On the website, you can search the non-profit by category or alphabetically. Donate to 1 non-profit or 20 — all in one transaction! The Napa Valley Give!Guide has made giving as easy as ordering on Amazon! We are truly honored to a partner of such a wonderful organization making such a positive impact in our local community.


We encourage you to check out the Napa Valley Give!Guide website and donate today!
Donations are being accepted NOW through December 31st


Top 10 Reasons the Give!Guide is a GREAT way to do good:

  1. Because YOU care.
    You’re inspired to be a part of this community of givers.
  2.  It’s local.
    Each participating nonprofit focuses their work right here in Napa County.
  3. Puts you in the know.
    At a glance, increase your awareness about the missions of 43 fabulous organizations.
  4. img_0563

    The Napa Team representing at the Give!Guide’s Kick Off Celebration

    Giving won’t break the bank.
    Donations begin at $10, but you may give as much as you like and vary amounts to each nonprofit.

  5. Save time.
    Use the catalog and give to one or many groups with a single check. Or donate via with a credit card: No checks to write, no envelopes to address.
  6. Donations are tax-deductible.
    You get tax receipts from each nonprofit to whom you give.
  7. Real-time ticker brings you right into the action.
    Current donation totals appear on the website.
  8. Powerful tool to help kids learn about generosity and philanthropy.
  9. Big Give Days.
    Each Saturday, five donors, no matter how much or to whom they give, are drawn at random to receive incentive gifts worth $100 or more.
  10. You make a choice. You make a difference. Give!Guide makes it easy.


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